An interview with Table 26 owner

  • 18 December 2017
Amit and table 26 coming soon

We spoke recently with the owner and founder
of Table 26 to find out a bit about the new cafe…

Q: How long have you been in the cafe business?

Amit: We currently own and run the West End Park Cafe on Montague Road and we’ve had that business since 2003.

Q: Where is the new cafe?

Amit: In fact, it’s located just around the corner from the West End Park Cafe, on the corner of Rogers Street and Duncan Street, in the Gardens Riverside West End complex, which is made up of
multiple residential buildings including – Arbor, Parc, View and Rise. We’ll be right next to a Night Owl convenience store on the ground floor level of Gardens Riverside.

Q: What will the new cafe be called?

Amit: We’re calling the cafe Table 26.

Q: Tell us the story behind the name.

Amit: Well, when we first got into the West End Park Cafe in 2003 I was working with my father. We had always planned to run the business together and it was such a shock when we found out that he had lung cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago, in 2009, and so the new cafe is named in memory of him – his birthday was on 26th. At the new cafe, we will have a corner table permanently reserved for my father. He was great with the customers and was always welcoming and friendly, and we’d like to keep a permanent reminder of him in the new cafe.

Q: What can we expect to see at Table 26?

Amit: Table 26 will first and foremost be a ‘local’ venue – we’ll be able to seat 70 people both inside and undercover outside and we’re planning to be open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, and dinner Thursday to Saturday.

Q: Can you tell us what will be on the menu?

Amit: We’re still refining the menu at the moment, but I can tell you that we’ll have some interesting options, especially for breakfast – we’ll have sandcrab omelette, breakfast sundaes and a breakfast pizza for example. And we’re pretty certain we’ll have some items that you just won’t find anywhere else! We’ll be sourcing as much of the food as possible locally and serving an eclectic mix, with some menu items inspired by my pop’s favourite dishes.

Q: And the big question – when do you expect to open

Amit: The fitout is underway as we speak, and so we’re hoping to be able to open Table 26 in late October. Anyone wanting to be kept up-to- date can check out our new website,, and sign up to our update there.

Q: Have you got anything special planned for the opening?

Amit: Yes we have, and we’re planning on revealing what that is very soon. Again – we can keep everyone up to date on our website and via our Table 26 email.

We look forward to seeing the new cafe – sounds great!